Welcome to your Yoga h[om]e. 

It's a place where I share the heart-centered yoga practices rich with creative sequencing, functional alignment & skillfully weaved yoga philosophy for fulfilled living. My aim is to honor the ancient teachings of yoga, be inspired by modern science, and convey knowledge in an easy digestible way for a modern practitioner of yoga & meditation.

Take your shoes off, come in, and flow. All are welcome.

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Online Yoga Club ~ Try for free!

You can join us in pajamas, and stay forever in Shavasana. Quite a good deal if you ask me. We meet once a week live on Zoom, on Sundays 8:30 am (GMT). Recordings + an extensive library of classes that fit into every possible day are available for members. This is the auto-renewal monthly subscription.

There is something for everyone - from a complete 12 weeks beginners course, to spicy classes where we play with funky poses and explore in-depth topics from Yoga philosophy.

SOMA.blooms | Prenatal membership

A holistic Yoga program for Prenatal well-being, empowering birth and a smooth transition into motherhood created for every pregnant woman.

In our Prenatal yoga classes we facilitate safe breathing & movement patterns, promote mental & emotional well-being through meditation & sharing circles, inform you about techniques to experience a more gentle birth, and hold you safe & loved in a welcoming community of women.

Five Great Elements | 5 week course

Our earthy embodiment is an individual expression of nature and its five great elements - the earth, water, fire, air and space. Yoga offers so many tools to help us stay in harmony with the nature within us, and around us.

In this soulful blend of yoga asana and philosophy for inspired living, we will open the door for a self-exploration of the Five Elements and their manifestation through your body, mind, spirit, and heart. 

Yoga Sutras: The Yamas | 5 week course

Exploration of the core yogic values from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The soulful blend of yoga asana and philosophy for inspired living will help you embody these ancient teachings and inspire your practice.

Explore Yamas, the yogic virtues, through movement practice, meditation and journaling, and let them serve you as a guide for living a meaningful, purposeful life.

FREE Bonus: Extra intro 75' Yoga Class

Yoga Sutras: The Niyamas | 5 week course

Exploration of the five yogic observances from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali through movement practice, breathwork, meditation, and journaling, letting them serve you as a guide for living a meaningful, purposeful life.

Studying Yamas and Niyamas is a stepping stone to building a devoted yoga practice. Be it contemplation, meditation, or a soulful Vinyasa flow, I wish for you to commit and keep showing up.

Yoga & Ayurveda for balancing Vata dosha

Nature moves in cycles, and so do we. Transition into the fall with grace, inspired by the Holistic Yogic Rituals in this seasonal guide for wellbeing.

I'll share with you simple, yet powerful attunements to your Yoga practice. We'll go through a brief overview of fall season from the aspect of Ayurveda, offering guidelines and suggestions for an autumnal diet and self-care.

7 Days of FREE Yoga

Have you ever lost your spark for a yoga practice? Is it challenging to step on your mat every day?

Take the Yoga Espresso classes with me - they are better than coffee, and timed so well to squeeze them into your morning routine. You deserve the practice that can fit into your EVERY day, no matter how busy you are.

Prenatal Yoga Essentials

This is for busy teachers who can't commit to the full 85h training, but want to know the basics and make informed decisions when teaching their pregnant students. You will learn how to create classes for each trimester, learn the Prenatal class structure of the Spanda Prenatal Yoga method, get a detailed insight into the Prenatal Namaskar for mixed classes, and strong foundations in the Anatomy and Physiology of pregnancy, labor, and birth. This course is counted as YACE (18h).

23/24 Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga TT

This is the online hub for students who are studying to become Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga teachers. If you want to become one, please find more information on the links below!

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