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You can join us in pajamas, and stay forever in Shavasana. Quite a good deal if you ask me. We meet once a week live on Zoom, on Sundays 8:30 am (GMT). Recordings + an extensive library of classes that fit into every possible day are available for members. This is the auto-renewal monthly subscription. Try for FREE!

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We meet every Sunday at 8:30am (UK time) on Zoom. Here, you will always find the updated weekly links to join.

Soulful Flow

Heart-centered yoga practice rich with creative sequencing, functional alignment & skillfully weaved yoga philosophy for inspired living. 

Gentle + Yin + Restorative Yoga

Slow-paced, soothing yoga classes and Pranayama which promote deep relaxation and release tension in the body and mind. When you need a profound sense of rejuvenation through gentle movement and restorative poses - this is your go-to!

12 Weeks Beginner's Course

In this comprehensive beginner's course we start from zero, and over 12 weeks build strong foundations for a healthy, lifelong practice of Vinyasa Yoga. Learn about Yoga postures, philosophy, meditation, and breathing that are crucial for beginners. For all ages, levels, and abilities.

Navaratri series

Literally translating to “nine nights,” Navaratri is a full-on celebration of the divine feminine (Shakti). Invoke her forms of Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati and ignite your path to transformation.

Dharma series

Exploring the teachings on Dharma & Svadharma from the tantric perspective, inviting you to dive deep into rediscovering your inherent nature & purpose.

Immeasurable virtues of the heart

Love, compassion, joy, and equanimity radiate from a heart that knows no bounds. These virtues define & unite us in our shared humanity. Take a journey through the Brahmaviharas and unlock the potential of your heart.

Chakra series

The contemplative journey through the first five chakras, with classes aimed to rebuild the energy in these sacred energy centers in the body.

Workplace Wellness Break

5 - 30 minutes classes, ideal when you need a break during your office hours. Both suit & pajama friendly, I got you whether you're in the office or WFH. 


Short meditations that you can take any time during the day to re-center and repose in your awareness. Try to make a daily habit of these micro practices!

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